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[HINTS/TIPS] To Help Make Your Forum Successful

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 27, 2006 5:56 pm    Post subject: [HINTS/TIPS] To Help Make Your Forum Successful Reply with quote

First of all if your forum is new, don’t expect to have members overnight in the majority of cases this does not happen.

A successful forum is not one with a high post count or high number of members but one that has posts of quality.

This guide of hints and tips has been compiled to help you make your forum a successful one, however there are no guarantees.

1. Forum Subject

Making a forum for the sake of it like “I have a forum, post something, anything!” isn’t a good idea. Your forum needs to be about something.
E.g. Football, Music, Gaming or maybe more specific like a particular football team or band.
Of course this is entirely up to you, but it helps to be original and different, especially if there are already a lot of forums out there which a subject much the same as yours.

2. ForumUp Directory

* When creating your forum (your can do so by
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) you will see an option for “Forum Categories” here you need to select the category that your forum fits into the best.

* Otherwise you can so this by accessing the Administration Panel and on the left-hand site click “ForumUp” (Under “General Admin”).
You will then see a box for the title of your forum and next to it a drop down box for the category. Select the category you wish and click “Modify Category”.

Doing this will give you the best chance of potential members finding your forum if they know what kind of forum they are looking to join.

3. Search Engines

Search engines find things based on many different things and none of the following guarantee that your forum will show up or that it will be the first on the list, (Usually official sites make up the first few on the list anyway.) however they will help search engines to pick up your forum.

*Filling in the forum description will help as these often make up the first few lines of text on your forum (although this isn’t what is picked up the most). You can fill this in my accessing you Administration Panel and clicking “Configuration” (Under “General Admin”). There you will find an option for “Site Description”, just fill in a description of you site in the text box provided then scroll down and click “Submit”.
Note – if the style you are using has the site description showing, then you may want to keep this simple such as “Football news, rumours, results and general talk about the great sport”.

*Keywords is a section you should definitely fill in as whatever keywords you add search engines will link up with your forum when someone searches for them. You can find it by accessing your Administration Panel and on the left-hand site click “ForumUp” (Under “General Admin”). There you will find a section for “Keywords”, next to it there is a text box. In the text box you need to put as many words or phases about your forum that you can. Separate each with a comma and a space. For example if you had a forum about pets you might have something like:

Pets, Cats, Dogs, Reptiles, Animal Care, Pet Lovers,

Try to think of as many as you can, when you’re done click “Modify Keywords”.
You can always add more keywords at a later date.
*You can also find information on submitting your forum to search engines

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4. Advertise Your Forum

*Web sites that are associated with the subject of your forum are a good place to start, although it is unlikely that you will get you forum linked on any official site. “Fan sites” or sites run by your normal everyday people are you best bet and there is no harm is looking for an email contact and asking the person who runs the site. You may not get a reply or a link to your forum on the site but it’s worth a try.

*Other Forums can be a great way to advertise your own forum so if you post on an other forum, why not put a link to your own forum in your signature? (You should check the forums tules first to see if this is allowed).
Some forums have a special section “advertising” section where you can make a topic about your own forum, telling them a little about it and giving the link. Of course it helps if the forum you posting on has a similar subject to your own, as the members may have a higher interest then but even if this is not the case, it’s worth posting.
At the ForumUp Support Forum, we have a section where you can post about your forum.

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. Please bare in mind though that it is a Support Forum, therefore the majority of people visit it to get support.
If the forum doesn’t have a special section for such posts, just check any rules the forum might have to make sure it’s allowed, if it is then why not make a topic?

*If you think your friends maybe interested in joining, why not send them an email explaining a little about your forum and providing them with the link to it.

**Please do NOT pester any person to join your forum, if they are interested and want to join you forum they will.

**Do Not spam any web site, forum or email by posting the link to your forum everywhere.

5. Interaction

*If your forum is new then some starter topics will help your forum get started, as most people won’t join a forum will nothing on it because it appears inactive.
In addition to this you should also try to keep your forum “up-to-date” with news concerning the subject of your forum, that’s not to say you have to spend everyday posting news at your forum but keeping generally up to speed can help.

*Additions to your forum such a music, shoutboxes, scrolling text etc can be quite welcoming and help with interaction but don’t over do it by adding a lot of these as it slows down the forum loading time and become a visual attack making your forum look a chaotic mess and cause many users to close their browsers to avoid the visual attack.

**Please note that these are just tips and hints and in no way guarantee that your forum will be successful.

No URL, No Support -ForumUp

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